A Dynamic Start to the Year on the Left Bank

A Dynamic Start to the Year on the Left Bank

Winter is far from a dormant period in Paris, especially on the Left Bank of the Seine. After the frenzy of winter sales and the magic of Valentine's Day, the team at Hôtel Alizé Grenelle has spotted several events that might capture your interest in March. Here's a quick overview...

Two Must-Attend Events

Here are two major events marking the end of winter in Paris, each with a distinct style. The first is the Salon de l'Agriculture. Held annually in the vast halls of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, it is a true gateway to rural life. Tasting artisanal products, admiring cows and sheep, attending conferences on current agricultural challenges, participating in agricultural competitions—there are a thousand ways to enjoy it, from February 24 to March 3! A few days later, from March 15 to 17, the Saut Hermès will take place at the Grand Palais Éphémère. This highly engaged equestrian competition is an opportunity to delve into the world of horse riding.

A Surprising Exhibition: The Art of Bricks

he team at Hôtel Alizé Grenelle has also selected an unusual exhibition for you, taking place in the new cultural venue: the Galeries Montparnasse, just a few steps from the train station of the same name. The Art of Bricks is a reinterpretation of great works of art using the famous Lego bricks. Using no less than a million of these iconic little plastic parallelepipeds, these reproductions are dazzlingly realistic. Of course, a playful space is provided for the younger ones to unleash their creativity as well.

Exciting things are always happening not far from Hôtel Alizé Grenelle! Remember to reserve your tickets and entries as these events are highly popular...



Saut Hermès
Salon de l'Agriculture
The Art of the Briks Paris

Photo: Vladimir Polikarpov

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